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Dominique is an expert in Internet connectivity. He is a telecommunications engineer and obtained his engineering degree from McGill University. He also has an MBA from HEC Montréal. He has been working for Videotron Business Solutions for more than 6 years and has a solid experience in products and services for small and large organizations. Mr. Nehmé has a vast expertise in deploying major projects that offer both robustness and performance. In his current role, he is director of marketing and commercialization for Internet products and solutions at Videotron Business Solutions.

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Office 365 – 5 ways to improve your company productivity

Published on Friday, June 10, 2016

Cloud computing solutions are being used by an ever increasing number of companies. Always at the cutting edge of technological trends, Microsoft has developed Office 365. These cloud services deliver more accessibility and flexibility to the business environment. Here are five advantages that Office 365 can offer to your business. 1. Staying in work mode even when you’re on the move Office 365 lets you benefit from a multi-screen display, which gives you access to your email and apps from […]

Can you afford to lose your Internet connection?

Published on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A reliable Internet connection is essential for a business to run smoothly. Whether it’s used to conduct transactions, manage inventory or connect with customers, a stable Internet connection is crucial for efficient business operations. When a business loses its Internet connection, even just temporarily, it can quickly lead to loss of productivity and revenue. Internet interruptions are often accidental and uncontrollable. For example, an involuntary disconnection, equipment malfunction, breach in infrastructure caused by the weather or as a result of […]

How to choose the right data-hosting solution for your business?

Published on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Many companies work with data of varying formats and protocols on a daily basis. Nowadays, data comes from various digital platforms: cloud computing, business apps, websites, social media, computers, smartphones, sensors, cameras, etc. And thanks to the Internet, this phenomenon will only continue to gain momentum in the next few years. If data security and management is crucial to the development and success of your company, the migration of your data to a hosting service has many advantages. Therefore, it’s […]

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