Published on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Credit : Videotron Business Solutions

This year, Videotron Business Solutions had the good fortune of welcoming Dr. David Suzuki as a speaker for the fifth edition of C2 Montréal.

Who is David Suzuki?

Everyone knows the name, but who is he really? Dr. David Suzuki is a geneticist celebrated for his promotion of the sciences and his militant stand on ecology. In 2009 he was awarded a Right Livelihood Award, also known as the alternative Nobels, and since 1979 he has hosted the TV program The Nature of Things, which is broadcast in more than 50 countries. His goal is to stimulate people’s interest in the environment, as well as sensitize them to activities that threaten the health of both humans and animals.

A conference on the subject of community

For his address, Dr. Suzuki tackled the importance of working together to fight what has become known as “nature deficit disorder” and highlighted the advantages of working together as a community. Dr. Suzuki believes that a group that has a common goal and includes individuals with a diverse range of specializations can use its collective force to attain any objective. Furthermore, he explained that any type of community, including businesses, can participate in this activity. “Although we can’t change nature,” he stated, “we can change the economy and the way we think about our planet.”

A conversation on the role of business in protecting the environment

A few company executives and clients of Videotron Business Solutions had the chance to meet and speak privately with Dr. Suzuki. The encounter took place as a Q and A session and gave rise to many interesting exchanges. To the question “What can business leaders do to participate in this community movement?” Dr. Suzuki responded with the suggestion of developing more durable products and offering alternatives to overconsumption, with programs for recycling obsolete products being one example.

Dr. Suzuki is a man of strong convictions who feels it is important to act on one’s beliefs. He remains full of hope for the future and ended the conference on a philosophic note: “Humanity does not possess enough knowledge to say for sure whether it is too late to change things. We need to step back and give nature time to heal. You never know, she could surprise us.”

The encounter produced many thought-provoking ideas that led us to question the way in which we consume and use our environment. We are hopeful that these ideas, born of Dr. Suzuki’s presence at this year’s C2 Montréal, will lead to creative new projects in the future.

Videotron Business Solutions

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