How important is your Internet speed?

Published on Friday, March 20, 2015

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When you need to choose an Internet connection for your business, the speed, as measured in megabits per second (Mbit/s) is one of the most important selection criteria. Internet providers usually present their access according to both download and upload speed.

How can you make sure to select the best suited Internet access for your company, among all the offers you see? You need to consider not only your need in terms of speed (and reduced execution delay), but also the required capacity.

Wi-Fi access: a must

Companies are increasingly offering Wi-Fi access, for their employees and their equipment as much as for their customers. These companies understood that customers really enjoy this service. A Deloitte study even showed that no less than 2/3 consumers prefer Wi-Fi connection to a cellular one.

Connected Equipment

More than ever, companies use many types of equipment that all simultaneously connects to the Internet. Payment terminals, accounting systems, data archiving servers, workstations, laptops, tablets, and so on, all come to mind. Today’s business reality means that this equipment is always connected to the Internet, and its functioning requires more and more bandwidth.

Online Business Services

Many software applications, desktop or accounting programs for instance, now work in SaaS mode (Software as a service) and are thus only available from the Internet. The adoption rate for this type of solution now reaches 74% of North American companies, according to a study conducted by Gigaom. Increased capacity and bandwidth therefore all make sense when your employees use Internet-based applications daily. And so does the reliability of service.

Companies are trying to protect their data more and more by using cloud-based backup solutions. A recent study by the firm IDC mentions that 65% of small businesses around the world keep at least part of their critical data on external servers. This information transmission, usually done on a daily basis, requires access with great capacity, enabling efficient archiving and document retrieving.

A question of productivity

Your company’s productivity is increasingly linked to the quality and the speed of your Internet access. The old saying “Time is money” is very current when speaking about Internet connectivity. A farm that needs to follow grain prices in real time or an architect firm that needs to send complex plans and specifications both need a quick Internet access in order to ensure that their business is successful.


Local businesses, from SME to the largest ones, now require always-quicker accesses. Videotron Business Solutions is proud to offer the new Internet Fibre hybrid 100/30 access, available for all companies, whether they are located in big cities or in regions.

Videotron Business Solutions is number 1 in business Internet in Quebec and offers connectivity solutions that are reliable, secure and quick, thanks to our network that offers the best of both coaxial and optical fiber.



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Dominique Nehme, Marketing Director, Internet

Dominique Nehme, Marketing Director, Internet

Dominique is an expert in Internet connectivity. He is a telecommunications engineer and obtained his engineering degree from McGill University. He also has an MBA from HEC Montréal. He has been working for Videotron Business Solutions for more than 6 years and has a solid experience in products and services for small and large organizations. Mr. Nehmé has a vast expertise in deploying major projects that offer both robustness and performance. In his current role, he is director of marketing and commercialization for Internet products and solutions at Videotron Business Solutions.

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