PME en lumière Contest: Celebrating Québec’s SMBs

Published on Friday, June 17, 2016

Credit : PME en lumière

The Quebec Technology Association(AQT), in partnership with Videotron Business Solutions and the Business Development Bank of Canada, is proud to present the «PME en lumière Contest»,

PME en lumière Contest
“The PME en lumière Contest aims to highlight and recognize the success of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in Québec operating in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector with a focus on marketing and innovation,” states the AQT. Every month, an SME will be nominated for a technological innovation that enabled the company to increase its value. A jury composed of businesspeople and personalities from the ICT sector will choose the monthly winner. In the fall of 2016, onegrand prizel winner, selected from the monthly winners, will be chosen by the jury and by popular vote during the AQT’s Big Bang gala event.

Here are the SMBs that have attracted the attention of PME en lumière jury members so far this year:

January 2016 SME nomination: Croesus
Croesus, which won the January nomination, has developed a web app for investment advisors and portfolio managers. Used by more than 9,700 professionals, the application facilitates the management of more than $800 billion in assets. The app’s popularity with financial specialists is a result of its ability to create personalized investment plans for clients.

“We are known for our ability to transform financial data into useful, pertinent information for our clients. Furthermore, we develop portfolio management solutions that maximize performance and business intelligence tools, allowing companies to make informed decisions,” explains Rémy Therrien, President of Croesus.

February 2016 SME nomination: Leading Boards
Leading Boards has created a mobile app that enables the optimization of corporate planning through the elimination of paper. The app simplifies task management and promotes good governance practices, and specifically facilitates the management of an organization’s board meetings. The benefits? Big savings in terms of time and energy.

“The ‘paperless board’ is a secure web portal that enables better electronic management of documents and offers a new online workspace that includes many functions for organizing board meetings and collaborating between users. Plus, the management of meetings, which can sometimes take as long as one day per week to complete, is now reduced to a 20 minutes, ,” said Jean-Marc Félio, President of Leading Boards.

A bright future
For the PME en lumière Contest, the year is off to a fantastic start, with a strong showing in terms of entrepreneurship, innovation, and vision. Jean Novak, President of Videotron Business Solutions, believes that innovation is what really lies at the heart of industry success. “Québec is full of creative companies that are looking to develop innovative solutions in order to increase business and distinguish themselves from the competition. It’s natural that Videotron Business Solutions, with its entrepreneurial DNA, would want to encourage innovation by helping companies realize their business projects,” explains Novak.

We invite you to follow our press releases to stay up-to-date on the other SMEs who will receive contest nominations in the coming weeks.

About the AQT
For 25 years, the non-profit Quebec Technology Association (AQT) has contributed to the growth and development of more than 1,500 companies in the information and communications technology sector. The AQT believes that with the help of its expertise, combined with that of Videotron Business Solutions and the Business Development Bank of Canada, Québec businesses and the ICT sector will continue to distinguish themselves well into the future.

Videotron Business Solutions

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