Published on Monday, October 17, 2016

Credit : AQT

Since 2016, Videotron Business Solutions has collaborated with the Quebec Technology Association (AQT) and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) as part of the Spotlight on SMEs contest. This competition aims to recognize the success of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector. Videotron Business Solutions is committed to the values of technological and entrepreneurial innovation, and its contribution to the contest is a perfect example of this engagement.

Each month, Spotlight on SMEs highlights one outstanding business. Here are the finalists of the Spotlight on SMEs prize from the last four months.

May: Xpertdoc

Founded in 2000, Xpertdoc employs 30 people and serves 50,000 users, mainly in the insurance sector. “We help companies communicate more efficiently with their clients, thanks to technologies that allow them to produce and receive better documents faster,” explains their CEO, Francis Dion. How? By creating clearer insurance contracts, by streamlining procedures, and by making forms that are more interactive and easier to use on Web and mobile platforms.

June: Gurus Solutions

Founded in 2005 and with 80 employees on board, Gurus Solutions works with partners NetSuite (ERP, enterprise resource planning) and SalesForces (CRM, customer relationship management), in order to help enterprises migrate toward cloud computing and administrative information technology. “We have been putting cloud computing solutions in place for more than 11 years . . . and our methodology allows us to do it extremely quickly,” notes Martin McNicoll, President of Gurus Solutions. By accelerating the growth of their clients, Gurus plays a key role in technological innovation.

July: k-eCommerce

Founded in 2001, k-eCommerce and its 75 employees specialize in e-commerce website solutions that integrate Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One business management software. Laurent Allardin, Founder and CEO of k-eCommerce, comments: “Our typical client is an enterprise seeking to integrate their business management systems . . . in order to allow their own clients to access the supply of products at all times.” The main competitive advantage of k-eCommerce? A ready-to-go solution that offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) accessible in a private cloud.

August: Factora

Founded in 1995, Factora employs 75 people and distinguishes itself through its dual expertise in engineering and computing. “We are specialists in manufacturing management in the realm of information technologies,” clarifies Brigitte Lepage, Co-Founder and Vice President of Human Resources and Administration. Factora works with Fortune 500 companies and helps its clients to augment the quality of their products and improve performance in their chain of production. Since 2013, their revenue has quadrupled.

Tomorrow, the name of the winning enterprise will be revealed at the Spotlight on SMEs gala, organized by AQT, during Small Business Week. Good luck to all the finalists and congratulations once again!

Videotron Business Solutions

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